Solar Services and Solutions

The Solar Bridge
Solar Bridge unravels the technical and financial complexities of deploying solar energy, bridging these two vital elements.


Survey the site for usage and growth

Design system with appropriate size

Select/match best quality components

Procure best installers and electricians

Oversee installation and commissioning

Assure interconnection with utility

Monitor performance

Maintain system and make repairs


Take comprehensive approach to solar energy evaluation

Analyze and offer financing options

Assist with Federal, State, and Local Applications

Apply for available grants or rebates or tax programs

Comply with siting requirements and obtain permits

Obtain utility company grid connection agreement

Arrange Lease or Power Purchase Agreement

Arrange best terms and price for solar renewable energy certificates


Other Energy Services

Comprehensive Energy Planning

Solar Bridge and its strategic partners have the knowledge and renewable energy experience to offer a complete range of services and find more than one option for optimal cost effective energy solutions. We have practical hands-on experience with a range of technologies and know that one size or one technology does not fit all. The technologies and services offered include:

Solar Hot Water and Space Heating

Energy Efficiency Measures

Wind Power

Geothermal Heat Pumps

On-Site Combined Heat and Power (CHP or Cogeneration)